Soil Resources Engineering Laboratory (SREL)

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Soil Resources Engineering Laboratory (SREL) deals with geotechnique, construction materials, water and environment in Rural Engineering. The mission of SREL is to protect nature and its biodiversity for the benefit of humanity by development of new construction material and technology using recycle of waste aggregate from agricultural and engineering industries.The aim is to achieving the improvement and conservation of local/regional environment and resources as well as solid waste management and recycling. Approaches are concerned with the basic and applied works based on physical and numerical analyses, field investigations and experimentations. For example, construction materials, soil and water conservation, environment protection, recycling and reusing solid wastes, slope stability, ground improvement, composite materials, soil-structure interactions, are the current key research topics of SREL. Moreover, to figure out the optimal condition of environment conservation and recycling system, and to develop models for materials and disaster prevention, applications of Finite Element Method (FEM) are also used as important tools.


Keywords: Environment, Geotechnique, Construction Materials, Water, Waste Aggregate, Recycling

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